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Augmented Cognition?

Take a look at this and see what you think. I'm thinking a segment on augmented cognition would be a nice break from the flood of Congress-related shite we've been running through lately.

Update: Here's something along the same lines from Wired.


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Mar. 27th, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
Reading over the Wired article, I'm a bit dubious. I'm guessing people in those Honeywell trials were told to actually check all incoming messages rather than just ignore them when they were overwhelmed.

Some of the management tools mentioned here risk becoming a Microsoft Paperclip. Of course, the paperclip doesn't have input from your brain and it's attempting to assist with rather complex tasks.

I've read about some information management methods (I think it was an article on "life hacks") that did try to do some of this without EEGs or MRIs. It managed your email, only notifying you when you were idle for a bit, in an attempt to prevent distractions.

This sort of thing could work, but I definitely get the feel that it's being oversold in the Wired article. The slowing the pace of incoming messages could work, although obviously there'd need to be a prioritization system. Displaying information in different text/chart form would probably only work at first for a few carefully chosen information sources. I could see this working in a plane, where something could be handled by a guage, a digital readout, or a warning bell. However, I'm guessing that for even more complex information, like say directions, users will still feel the need to directly control whether they are getting a map or a list of turns and distances.
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