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American Freedom Agenda link

We just talked about this on the show -


Posted so people can read the text I ran through rather quickly.

Augmented Cognition?

Take a look at this and see what you think. I'm thinking a segment on augmented cognition would be a nice break from the flood of Congress-related shite we've been running through lately.

Update: Here's something along the same lines from Wired.


People really need to listen to Sanctuary this week. The list of things we have to talk about grows by the day, and it's looking like Christmas came so early this year it managed to lap Easter.

Also, pray my allergies clear up tomorrow or you're going to get some nice wet audio kisses when I sneeze directly into the mic.

Sanctuary Sources, Part 1

I know we talk a lot on the show about 27B Stroke 6, which is a Wired blog focusing on the wubtertubes, security, and governmental openness/accountability. If you don't read this, you should.

We also rely a lot on Google News, CNN, Reuters' Oddly Enough feed, and ScienceBlogs to pick up news items for the show. Generally, if it makes me blink or talk about it, it's probably showing up on the show at some point.

Unless I forget it.

While I'm here: anyone have any suggestions for other places to grab stories from? We're hardly equipped to scroll through the whole AP feed, but other good blogs or aggregate sites would be helpful.


Liberalism, Doubt, and Alcohol

No, my name isn't actually Gwen. This is indeed Mecha, and Cham forgot his writey-things-down thing, so a few notes so we don't forget.

First, an article. I don't know if we'll talk about it, but we're _considering_ talking about it, and Cham's too tired to remember or read or think or exist.


Also, we have been given a great gift of Irish Whiskey after our weekend travels, and as our regular listeners know, that means we must drink it on air. So you can certainly expect that on Friday as well!



Let's see! Last night on Sanctuary, I got mildly sloshed on gin and tonics, and we talked about the following.

  • The 110th Congress! They're passing bills and DOING things. It's almost like they think it's their job, or something.

  • The article in the last post. It seems like most people who commented, me included, were a little uncertain as to the veracity of the 80-year cycle, and there were some disagreements as to where the blame for the dismantling of the governmental planning structure lay, but it seemed like the article had a point. Mecha and I had a discussion about the "pie-in-the-sky" projects that traditionally have come out of governmentally-funded places like DARPA, etc, and the general lack of such things today. It was interesting, and I think I liked the format enough that we'll have to find another article to discuss for next week.

  • Did I mention gin and tonics (gins and tonic)?

  • We covered the aikido class Mecha and I went to on Thursday, and how Mecha is little more than bone animated by sheer willpower.

  • We rambled on about Sesame Street and Jim Henson and the basic tenets of late 70s/early 80s PBS, and how it fundamentally altered children that watched it, like some kind of drug (a good one!).

  • That was more or less connected to a discussion of my generation, which I took the liberty of dubbing the "On-Button Generation", because every other name they've given us sucks.

All in all, I think I'm pleased with the way the new format's working, and we'll try for something similar next week! See you then.

Culture of Planning

Hooray, Sanctuary community.

For the first post, let's be useful and link to two articles (they're a set) which we plan to discuss in perhaps some detail this Friday, and which we provide so you have a clue what we're talking about (and so you can provide commentary if you want).

http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2006/10/saras-sunday-rant-culture-of-planning.html and http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2006/10/sunday-rant-culture-of-planning-ii.html are the two articles mentioned - they're not horribly long, but they are exceedingly interesting.

It's only Monday, so we'll see what else crops up to talk about. This is the first full week of the 110th Congress, so there's sure to be SOMEthing to rant about...